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Ideas are my fuel.

Weed growing in crack in concrete

Out of thin air.

A few months ago, I started doing grocery delivery. Today I got a message saying that I had saved 30 hours this year - a considerable chunk of time. Add the extra time I'm saving by working out at home instead of the 20 minutes drive each way to the gym. And then...

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Want to make sharing your work feel safer? Add the word "DRAFT" to the top of the page. Instantly, you'll feel more secure hurdling your work into the world, where it belongs.

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The new “dinner party”

In the 1970s, my parents' friends gathered each weekend to catch up about life, their kids, and what plumber they were using.  Today, that same "dinner party" occurs on Google reviews, Facebook, and other online review sites. And while the people aren't friends...

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Mrs. Tyler

“It certainly would’ve be easier for them to hire out the day to day management of the resort and “stay out of the weeds.”  But I’m not sure they’d have a 3-year waiting list if they didn’t obsess about the crunchy-to-mushy ratio of the hashbrowns.”

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