Why I love laundry.

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Wire basket of clothing

Most of my workday consists of non-linear projects. Snafus that I’ve never before seen or solved, issues that need untangling, meetings where there is more than one correct answer, and projects that, once completed, will never need to be done again.

That’s why I hang on to some tasks that most would tell me to delegate.

I feel a great sense of well-being when I sit down to Quickbooks to write a check. Sure, someone else could do this for me, but then I wouldn’t get the high of actually knowing how to do at least one thing the exact right way that day.

I often put in a load of laundry when I work from home. And while most people complain about doing laundry, I love it. I spring out of my home office when that dryer buzzer rings, ready to take on the warm clothes. How satisfying it is to transform the jumble into neat piles! All the while knowing that it might be the only time that day I feel such competence.

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