SEO For Rookies #10: The ChatGPT Trap.

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white background with black words that say "SEO for Rookies #10" The Chat GPT Trap with two pink decorative dots.

I know it’s tempting. I’ve even tried it.

But using ChatGPT to write posts for your website won’t raise your search ranking.

Yes, ChatGPT can write a lot of words in a short amount of time.

And yes, the writing will be grammatically correct.

But because artificial intelligence can only scour the web for existing knowledge, the writing will automatically be unoriginal.

Use ChatGPT to develop an outline for your writing – that’s fine. But after that, write the blog post yourself. Add nuance and your own point of view.

Because webpages written by ChatGPT are flooding the web, there’s a massive opportunity for experts to write their own articles that rank high above ChatGPTs bland, copycat posts.

And we know Google and Bing can tell the difference.

Search engines reward original thought.

Go write it yourself.

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