SEO for Rookies #1 – “My head’s in the sand about working on SEO”

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a straightforward and old-fashioned concept that frequently confuses small business owners.

As a result of this confusion, lots of small business owners freeze and do nothing about optimizing their website. So let’s simplify things.

What does it mean to “work on your website’s SEO?”

By writing posts for your website that answer web searchers’ questions, Google directs them to your posts and brings free traffic to your website.  

Bonus:  If searchers want answers in your area of expertise, they’re also likely in the market for what you sell. Getting them to your website allows them to get answers and buy from you.

Let’s look at a real Google Search:

But wait Paige, you said SEO was “old-fashioned?”

When I was small, my dad owned a tiny picture framing shop in our town. When customers would ask him, “Who do you know that paints walls?” or “Who’s the best children’s photographer?” he’d pull out his Rolodex (ha – now that’s old-fashioned) and serve up answers to his customers.  

Back in the 1970s, in our small frame shop, essentially, my dad was acting as Google and directing people to the businesses that could solve their problems.

So how do I know what answers people want?

Let’s go back to my dad’s frame shop. If my dad were working on his picture framing website, he’d be wise to write a post about what his customers were asking him in person.

That’s right if your customers are asking you questions, they’re also asking those same questions to Google.

So start right there.

This post is part one of my series “SEO for Rookies.”

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