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White computer keyboard with three flowers on it

Text Expander software


If you look at nothing else on this page, look at this simple/magical $40/year software.  It saves me 12 hours/month by “expanding” text so I don’t have to type things over & over again.  I cannot and will not use a computer without it.  Everyone I’ve ever shown this to has bought it within minutes.  Watch my 5-min video demo.

I negotiated 20% off a $40/year subscription for my readers – use this link.

Smartphone in front of computer with the words "Payment Successful"

Paysimple customer payments

Once Quickbooks started charging me $10/ACH transaction for my larger customer payments, I switched to PaySimple which charges 60 cents + .05% and saves me $300+/month.  

My customers can pay right on my website.

 Here’s my PaySimple customer link so you can see how this looks to my real-life customers.

Use my link to inquire about PaySimple here.

Woman walking on treadmill desk while talking on phone

Paige's treadmill desk

I don’t go very fast (about 1.2 MPH), but since 2015 I’ve been able to log my 10,000 steps while writing emails. You can also retrofit your current treadmill with this desk attachment.  

To see if working while you walk works for you try this:   Bring a laptop to the gym, turn on the treadmill to about 1.2 MPH and see if you can type and concentrate and think.

Here’s the link to Paige’s exact treadmill desk.

Large spools of thread in brown, yellow and red

Embroidered logo'd clothing.

To my CertaPro colleagues, click below for Lands’ End Logo’d Business Clothing – saving you $$$.  

And rejoice ladies of CertaPro!  There are dozens of cute choices so you won’t have to wear a logo’d polo shirt anymore unless you want to.

You can return things even after they’ve been logo’d!  Now THAT’S “certainty service.”

Click this link to access the digitized franchise logos for your staff clothing.

Plinko Game with fireworks in the background

Plinko game

Want to build company culture, but have no idea where to start?  Start with a birthday tradition in your office.  

We celebrate office birthdays by playing Plinko at our weekly meeting.  No mad dash for a gift and the birthday-boy or girl wins cold hard cash.


Not fancy, and certainly you could make something similar  homemade.

Here’s the link to our exact Plinko game on Amazon.

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