software that “just works”

 I refuse to use a computer without these programs.


TextExpander 20% off button with keyboard above words


This program is magical.

If you look at nothing else on this site, you won’t want to miss TextExpander.  

Click on my video and you’ll see how this $40/year subscription saves me 12 hours a month.  

In my marketing work I use it to call up every link on my website in seconds, without having to cut and paste them all the time.

And I’ve negotiated a 20% discount for Paige’s Page readers by using this link.


PaySimple Logo in blue and bright green


  When I was being charged $10 per ACH transaction by Quickbooks Payments, I started using PaySimple (Please use this affiliate link that earns me a rebate at no cost to you – it’s how I pay for this website without charging subscribers).   PaySimple works with Quickbooks, but only charges only 60 cents plus .10% /ACH transaction and saves me about $300/month.

 Unlike Quickbooks Payments, PaySimple automatically charges a customer the 3.5% fee on credit card charges, so I’m not the “bad guy” adding those charges when a customer wants to pay by credit card.

I’ve set my terms and conditions to allow me to charge the customer’s final payment to their deposit method in PaySimple  once the job is complete.  This has brought my collections fees down to zero.

Here’s how it looks to a customer on my website.


Loom Screen Recording showing woman in foreground doing a screen recording on her computer

Loom Screen Recorder

It would be so much easier if I could just sit on people’s shoulders and tell them how to do stuff.

That’s where Loom Screen Recording comes in – it allows me to film a screen recording in seconds.

I just click a button and I’m recording.  Then I click it again and I’ve copied my recording to a link I can send to anyone.

What’s different about Loom than using the recorder in Teams is that the recording itself is available instantly (not minutes or hours of waiting for it to render), and can be emailed to anyone.

I’ve used Loom to record videos that explain things to customers, my team and even my kids’ teachers.

We love it for taking a customer through sales proposal on the screen, and then emailing them that recording.

If you work remotely, sending a Loom screen recording allows your team to see exactly what you mean, and they can even rewatch it weeks later if they forget how to do something.

All this and the personal plan is free.


Infographic from Grammarly website that says "Great Writing Simplified"

grammarly premium

If you worry that “you can’t write” Grammarly Premium is my secret for writing all of the SEO copy on my website.

For about $100/year, your writing will be instantly clearer and more engaging.  And after a while, you’ll notice that your writing improves as if there is a kind, polite editor sitting on your shoulder reworking your words like magic.

Every piece of marketing copy I write goes through Grammarly Premium first.

And if you have kids, share it with them and sit back to watch their writing improve before your eyes.

Funny story:  I approached my kids’ principal and told him that I was so impressed with how clear his weekly newsletters are.  He whispered in my ear “Grammarly.”

And while the free version is good, the paid version is extraordinary.

I was amazed that at WashU where my son attends, they provide Grammarly Premium to every student.