SEO for Rookies #3 – “I can’t / won’t / hate to write.”

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This post is the third post in my series on SEO for Rookies.

Great news! SEO writing isn’t the same kind of writing you learned in high school. In fact, you don’t even have to write in complete sentences, bullet points are just fine.

Nothing about what you give to your SEO agency to post for you needs to be elegant.  

Instead, your SEO agency just needs a bulleted list of stuff you know that someone outside your industry might not know about a subject.  

For example, I love to do laundry, so here’s a bulleted list I could give my SEO agency for a blog post about laundry:

  • Only use 2 teaspoons of detergent in the washer. Anything more will leave soap on your clothes. I use any detergent on sale.

  • Use 3 tablespoons of vinegar in the fabric softener dispenser. This will soften your clothes and get any extra soap out of them.

  • Extra soap in your clothes makes them stiff.

  • Use 2/3 of a cup of sodium percarbonate inside the washer. This powder is used in home brewing and removes stains and leaves clothes smelling fresh. You can get 10 lbs on Amazon for $40.

  • Use warm water, even for colors.

  • Use a short cycle (like 30 minutes), so your clothes aren’t over-mangled in the washer.

Notice how the above bullets:

  • Reflect the point of view of someone who KNOWS how to do laundry.

  • Introduces terms that a true laundry lover would know. For example, I bet you’ve never heard of Sodium Percarbonate!

  • Gives your SEO agency a lot of great information that may not already be available on other websites.

The SEO writer at your agency can now take your “insider information” and write a nice 300-400 word post for you.  


“But, I REALLY can’t write/hate to write/won’t write.”

If you know you’re simply not going the write stuff for your website, here are a few options:

  • Have your salespeople who are close to your customers and know their questions write some bullet points. Answer questions that customers most often ask them with nuanced insider information that’s not widely available on the web already.
  • Ask your staff – someone you employ has to like writing. Make them in charge of “collecting bullet points” for you.
  • Hire your kids – they have heard you talk incessantly at the dinner table about the pitfalls and upsides of your business – put their knowledge to good use. Just be sure they talk with your staff and dive into the subtleties of the subject matter.

Remember, pleasing Google is easier than pleasing your high school English teacher. Google rewards clear, concise, and “industry insider” information.

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