SEO For Rookies #12: Repurposing your SEO content on social media.

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Writing articles for your website can help you generate tons of social media content.

Watch most famous brands, and you’ll notice that much of what they post on social is often a tidbit from an already published website article.

More reasons to repurpose your website content on social media:

  1. Saves time.
  2. If you’re writing content relevant to your website audience, it might attract attention on social media.
  3. Bonus: It drives traffic to your website. Every social post I write includes a link that points to my website. This increases traffic which signals my business’ “expertise” to Google, and likely helps increase my search ranking.

Here’s my exact process for repurposing content:

  1. Write and post an informative article on your website. Include photos.
  2. Take a screenshot of an image from your post.
  3. Upload that image to your social media channel(s). I use the social media scheduler Hootsuite to pre-schedule a month’s social posts in about an hour.
  4. Write a few words giving your social media audience a tidbit, hint, or tip from the blog post.
  5. At the end of the post, write something like: “To learn more, click here,” and add the link to your website article.

Here’s an example from my painting company’s social media feed:

The above post links to this page of my website, increasing both my customer’s knowledge and my website traffic.

More website traffic is a signal to Google of the company’s expertise and, therefore, likely helps increase search result rankings.

To review:

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