Preparing to be unprepared.

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Stand up comedy stage with a lone stool.

Having the rug ripped out from underneath you in business is not fun. But it does happen, even to those who seem like nothing they do ever goes wrong.

And the funny thing is that every time it happens, you’re a bit more prepared than the last time.

The same situations won’t likely repeat themselves, but you can be sure that something will happen to catch you off guard.

We have a budget for the unexpected and always set a decent sum aside each year for unlucky surprises. This way, when “it” happens, we are not powerless.

One of my colleagues presented at a conference last month. He’s a terrific speaker, but the presentation kept changing at the last minute, causing him some uncharacteristic nerves.

His experience doing stand-up (and, more specifically, the times he bombed) turned out to be super valuable (albeit years later).

So he did great.

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