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Ideas are my food.
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Weed growing in crack in concrete

I invented the iPhone.

In 2001, I realized that it was quite cumbersome to carry around my Palm Pilot and camera and push-to-talk flip phone. What a good idea it would be to combine all my gadgets into one compact appliance! Lesson learned:  Ideas are cheap without execution.  

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It's amazing how many red flags come back to bite us. It's true that our gut is almost always correct, but this intuitive power is useless if we choose to ignore, defend and put our head in the sand. The key is acting on our hunches before they cause damage. Surely...

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The truth.

I have worked with my husband Lou for over two decades. When there's a business issue, there's no posturing, masquerading or blaming. When something is scary, we don't have to pretend to be brave. And when one of us is going down a path that is just plain wrong, the...

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What is normal?

An expert is someone that can explain to you what "normal" is. Something that is scary or outrageous to a novice, is usually old-hat to an expert. For example: A grandma can help a new mom discern between a normal cry and one that suggests illness. A boss can help...

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The kids are all right.

This Christmas, I caught up with many of my 20-something relatives. C & J are newly-married business owners, and already understand how to navigate the potential typhoon of working together.  C is the steady force.  And J takes the risks. My nephew and his fiancée...

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Dinner again?

Every day at 5pm I'm surprised by the fact that my family needs to eat dinner. I'm a planner and should be able to knock this task of the park.  But I don't.  Surely it would be easy enough to come up with a one-week rotation of meals to have on autopilot. Related:...

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This week I had to learn a new software package at work. And while I'd describe myself as pretty tech-savvy, I had no idea the concentration it would take for me to learn just a few basic things.  After the first hour on the first day, I was cranky and snippy. I've...

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One of my BFFs was celebrating a milestone birthday.  A jaunt to Tuscany was out of the question, so a group of us met at a Hampton Inn just 45 minutes away. Our tiny hotel room could not accommodate a swinging bathroom door on a hinge, so to save space, the door was...

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