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Ideas are my fuel.

Weed growing in crack in concrete

Someone there.

Isn't it nice when technical support stays on the phone with you longer than they have to? Just to be sure you've 100% "got it." My husband and I work together, and often when I'm unsure or apprehensive about something I'm working...

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Better than before.

The book Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin is life-changing.  After all, that's all we can ever hope for - to be better than we were yesterday. This week I struggled for hours with a nonsensical technology problem (I couldn't get Microsoft Word to download onto my...

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We all know it's not your job to replace the lightbulb in the office refrigerator. But imagine becoming known as the "summer intern who changed the bulb?" Anyone can wait for direction from a supervisor. What's in short supply are folks who notice an issue and make it...

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Grown up.

Today my 21-year old son called, asking me if I had an old vacuum he could have for his new apartment. Balloons didn't drop from the ceiling, but they should have.      

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My own Finland.

They say Finland is the world's "happiest place." But what I love about owning a business, is that inside our 4 walls I'm able to create my own Finland. And best of all, you don't have to own a business to try this yourself: You can practice this idea first, right in...

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Acquiescence. Watching James Holzhauer dominate Jeopardy, is a reminder that the constraints and rules we often accept without question, could be all in our heads. What rules should you be questioning?

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That project in the corner.

Every business has one - a project that needs to be done, but keeps getting postponed. If you're a job seeker, think about targeting your dream company and suggesting that you take a stab at that overflowing pile in the corner. It may just be the hook that finally...

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Going beyond.

I walked into the AT&T store today where I hadn't been for about a year.   Luke, a young salesperson said,  "Hi Paige." Last week I left some items at the end of my driveway in case anyone wanted them.  I noticed they were gone and felt happy that they had found a...

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