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Weed growing in crack in concrete

So darn hard.

In the mid-2000s, car dealers often asked, "have I done everything to make this a 5-star experience?" I always felt put on the spot, and I hardly ever answered truthfully. Assuming we only have a handful of genuinely 5-star experiences in our lives, getting my oil...

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Decide Once.

Do your research, take your time, word-smith the heck out of your words. And then decide. Leverage all of the time you spent deciding by then spreading your decision out over the next decade.  For example, in our office we: 1.  Play a game of Plinko at our weekly...

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Exactly how?

You say:  "You need more online reviews."  They think:  "But how do I get them?  You say:  "Ask for the order every time." They think:  "I'm not sure of words that would sound authentic." You say:  "You need to coach your staff." They think:  "But exactly how...?"...

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Job security.

When a dreadful project that nobody will touch comes across your desk, snatch it right up. Dig in deep, untangle the knots and understand every nuance. Become the person that does this time and time again. And in no time you'll be indispensable.    

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The weeds.

“God is in the details. And the details are in the weeds.”

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Someone there.

Isn't it nice when technical support stays on the phone with you longer than they have to? Just to be sure you've 100% "got it." My husband and I work together, and often when I'm unsure or apprehensive about something I'm working...

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Better than before.

The book Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin is life-changing.  After all, that's all we can ever hope for - to be better than we were yesterday. This week I struggled for hours with a nonsensical technology problem (I couldn't get Microsoft Word to download onto my...

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