Hi, I’m Paige

I’ve been running a small business for decades.

So Much to learn.

So Little Time.

Even after 30 years, I still find running a small business really hard. I’m not an MBA, so all of my skills have been picked up and tested in the wild and I’m happiest when I’m sharing my insights with others.

My business serves me in one way:  It’s has allowed me to raise and know my three kids.  In fact, while building my multi-million dollar company, I never put my kids in daycare or used a babysitter more than a handful of times.

I encourage you to figure out how you want your small business to serve you, and then focus on making that happen.

While nothing I write here will be “one-size fits-all,” I’ll do my best to give you the exact tools and methods that have worked for me. 

Are you ready to get into the weeds? Because that’s where we’re going!