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Hi, I’m Paige

I’ve been running a small business for decades.

So Much to learn.

So Little Time.

Even after 30 years, I still find running a small business really hard.

I’m not an MBA, so all of my skills have been picked up and tested in the wild.  I love to talk shop and and I’m happiest when I’m learning from and sharing with others.

My business serves me in one way:  It’s has allowed me to raise and know my three kids.  In fact, while building my multi-million dollar company, I did it with babies in my arms, toddlers around my ankles and no regular babysitter.

I encourage you to figure out how you want your small business to serve you, and then spend your time and money making that happen.

While nothing I write here will be “one-size fits-all,” I’ll do my best to give you the exact tools and methods that have worked for me. And since I know a lot of other great small business owners, I will also share the techniques and tools that have worked for them.

Are you ready to get into the weeds? Because that’s where we’re going!