I’m Paige NeJame

(Pronounced: “Knee” + “James without the letter S’”)

My full bio

I help small business owners not hate marketing. 

What if you could recognize marketing opportunities all around you? Like when you’re thinking of buying an orange car, and you suddenly see orange cars everywhere.

Marketing is simpler than you think.

None of this is rocket science, and I try to boil down the theory into concrete actions. 

Running a small business is (really) hard.

Even after 30 years, I still find running a small business hard.  I don’t have an MBA, and my skills have been picked up and tested in the wild.  

I can relate to your day-to-day small-business fires because I’m still fighting lots of my own.

Good news: My book Drift: How to (accidentally) create a life you don’t want is out.

Get a free download of Drift here with the passcode friend (all lowercase)

Paige@paigespage.net a

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