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Ideas are my fuel.

Weed growing in crack in concrete

Mrs. Tyler

“It certainly would’ve be easier for them to hire out the day to day management of the resort and “stay out of the weeds.”  But I’m not sure they’d have a 3-year waiting list if they didn’t obsess about the crunchy-to-mushy ratio of the hashbrowns.”

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SEO for Rookies – Day #1

“Do you freeze or put your head in the sand when you hear ‘you should work on your website?’ I did too. So let’s simplify things…”

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So darn hard.

In the mid-2000s, car dealers often asked, "have I done everything to make this a 5-star experience?" I always felt put on the spot, and I hardly ever answered truthfully. Assuming we only have a handful of genuinely 5-star experiences in our lives, getting my oil...

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Decide Once.

Do your research, take your time, word-smith the heck out of your words. And then decide. Leverage all of the time you spent deciding by then spreading your decision out over the next decade.  For example, in our office we: 1.  Play a game of Plinko at our weekly...

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