Hi, I’m Paige

Paige NeJame (pronounced: “Knee” + “James without the ‘s’”) is a graduate of Boston College.

At 26, she realized the corporate grind wasn’t for her and promptly quit her job to start her first small business – 2 retail frame shops in Westchester County, NY. In 2004 she sold the frame shops and moved to the Boston area to start CertaPro Painters.

For 17 years, with three boys in tow, she and Lou have built and run CertaPro Painters in the Boston area to a multi-million location, winning the CertaCup (#1 CertaPro location out of 350 locations) – Yes, medium-sized fish, very small pond!

In 2022 she was one of the contributing writers of the bestselling book The Carbon Almanac and went on to write the companion kids’ book Generation Carbon: It’s time to start.

In 2023 she released the book Drift: How to (accidentally) create a life you don’t want, which has hit a nerve with readers young and old. You can read a free copy of the entire book here with the passcode friend (all lowercase).

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