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Weed growing in crack in concrete

Learning is hard.

Often I don't have as much empathy as I should when teaching someone. "Just click here." "We went over that yesterday." Audible sigh. But now, I'm learning Pickleball and everything about it seems unnecessarily complicated to me. I'm sure later on, when I've got the...

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The case against delegating.

I witnessed a colleague take about 2 hours to backcheck the math on a task he had delegated to his assistant. To be sure, the task was high stakes and involved writing checks in the correct amounts, so it was 100% appropriate for him to double-check the math. But,...

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It’s not a phone.

It looks like you're negotiating a merger. But you're really playing Candy Crush. And nobody even uses the phone function much. I propose we call it what it is: a TV, a gaming system, an entertainment device in your pocket. "Where's my phone?" sounds so legit that...

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The sorcerer.

I love to bush-whack a path at work. This way, when it's time to delegate a task, I'm clear about how long it will take and the obstacles someone will likely face when completing it.  Last week I delegated a task and got the following pushback: "I can't possibly...

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Pretending to care.

Lots of companies have the word "care" in their mission statements. But in my experience, the care I get as a customer often feels fake.  It's as if companies have a "caring template" and are following an outlined script. "Welcome to, ABC Company.  I'm...

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44 hours saved.

I got an email from my supermarket saying that I've saved 44 hours this year by having my groceries delivered. Look what I helped to write with that time.

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Out of thin air.

A few months ago, I started doing grocery delivery. Today I got a message saying that I had saved 30 hours this year - a considerable chunk of time. Add the extra time I'm saving by working out at home instead of the 20 minutes drive each way to the gym. And then...

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Want to make sharing your work feel safer? Add the word "DRAFT" to the top of the page. Instantly, you'll feel more secure hurdling your work into the world, where it belongs.

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