Hi, I’m Paige NeJame  

Pronounced:  “Knee  +  James without the ‘s‘ 


Paige NeJame leaning on a step ladder

Photo credit: Charles Krupa, Associated Press

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I help small business owners not hate marketing.

It boils down to this – marketing is just a way to change people’s behavior.  I write my free newsletter to help you easily discover marketing opportunities for your business that are all around you.

Marketing is simpler than you think.

Experts can make marketing seem undoable.  But I love to untangle things and boil them down. And since none of this is rocket science, I do my best to write clearly and with humor.

running a small business IS hard.

Even after 30 years, I still find running a small business hard.  I don’t have my MBA, so all of my skills have been picked up and tested in the wild.  

I can relate to your day-to-day small-business fires as I’m still fighting lots my own.

I encourage you to figure out how your business serves your life.

My small business serves me in one way:  It’s has allowed me to raise and know my three kids.  In fact, while building a multi-million dollar company, I did it with babies in my arms, toddlers around my ankles, and no regular babysitter.

putting myself out there is scary.

My ideas are like my children:  they’re my heart walking around outside my body.  

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to get in touch at paige@paigespage.net anytime.





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