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Every year my husband and I put together a business plan by culling through past receipts and marketing stats.

And while our plan is based on experience, it’s just a guess – a stake in the ground to help guide us to where we want to go.

Our first year, our plan turned out to be nearly 50% accurate.

After more than 25 years, our precision is still not perfect, but it does give me chills when something we outline in January comes to fruition in June.

People don’t plan because they fear they’ll be wrong.   They don’t know exactly where to start, and so they don’t.

But what if you realized that we’re all just guessing?

Would that put you at ease enough to get you started?

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  1. Nancy

    Love it Paige! I just started using a Passion Planner, and I’m starting my guessing/planning- it feels good!!

    1. Meredith Paige

      Don’t let “perfect” hold you back!

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