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I walked into the AT&T store today, where I hadn’t been for over a year.   Luke, a young salesperson, remembered my name and said,  “Hi, Paige.” 

Last week I left some items at the end of my driveway in case anyone wanted them.  I noticed they were gone and felt happy that they had found a new home.  Two days later, I got a thank you note in my mailbox.

I needed tech help with something annoying.  For weeks, my phone would not sync with the mail app on my laptop.   Each time I had 15 minutes to spare, I would try to fix the issue, but I always came up short.  On Friday, I looped in my friend Dan who diagnosed my issue in minutes by asking a few incisive questions.

None of Dan or Luke’s or the end-of-the-driveway-item-taker’s actions required any extra education, privilege, or giftedness.

But I immediately considered them all exceedingly educated, accomplished, and highly intelligent.

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