Fun stuff

Stuff we use that makes work a pleasure.

Plinko game with money on clothes pins on the bottom

Play Plinko for office birthdays

We play Plinko at our weekly staff meeting and the birthday-boy or girl wins cold-hard-cash.  No scrambling for a card or gift, we just used the “decide once” principle and play Plinko.  It’s not only easier, but it’s become an office tradition.

Woman walking on treadmill desk while talking on phone

Paige's treadmill desk

Since 2015, I’ve been walking while I work.  I don’t go fast (about 1.2 MPH), but I can log 10,000 steps without even thinking.  Turn off the belt and it’s a standing desk too.

Using a laser tape measure to measure a cabinet

lou's laser tape measure

Look like a more professional version of yourself when you’re measuring anything.

what are fun things you use in your office?

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