Software that "just works."

These programs make work a pleasure. And get me home earlier.



Essential Tool #1

PaySimple for

Customer Payments

My business completely changed when I set up PaySimple (if you decide to try PaySimple please come back to use this affiliate link – it earns me a small commission at no cost to you.  This is how I’m able to run this blog & newsletter without charging subscribers).

We take far more deposits (better cash flow!)

Customer credit card charges are automatically charged a 3.5% “convenience fee” (I’m not the “bad guy” that charges the fee!).

Best of all, if a customer pays a deposit using PaySimple but doesn’t pay their final bill,  I’m allowed to charge their final bill to the same method with which they paid their deposit.

That’s right, if a customer doesn’t pay at the end of their project, my terms and conditions allow me to charge their credit card or bank account for the final payment.  This has brought my time and fees collecting on past due accounts down to zero.




Action figure doing karate chop

Essential Tool #2


TextExpander is a magical software that  turns on wherever you are (Outlook, CRM, Facebook, wherever) and allows you to type a keyboard shortcut that automatically inserts a longer block of text.  

Sounds boring, but it’s not.  

I love TextExpander so much, I made a little video showing me using it.  

And I worked with TextExpander to get 20% off your subscription if you use my link.

You won’t believe how often you type the same thing over and over again.  For example, whenever I type:

zzcontract, my 8-page subcontractor contract appears on the screen!

“zzandrew” Andrew’s cell phone number pops on the page

“zzproposal” and my proposal template that all of my staff shares for sales proposals pops on the screen of our estimating software.  The great thing is that if I want to change the wording my staff uses, I can simply change it TextExpander and we’re all always on the same page.





Essential Tool #3

Loom Screen Recorder

It would be so much easier if I could just sit on people’s shoulders and tell them how to do stuff.

That’s where Loom Screen Recording comes in – it allows me to film a screen recording in seconds.

I just click a button and I’m recording.  Then I click it again and I’ve copied my recording to a link I can send to anyone.

What’s different about Loom than using the recorder in Teams is that the recording itself is available instantly (not minutes or hours of waiting for it to render), and can be emailed to anyone.

I’ve used Loom to record videos that explain things to customers, my team and even my kids’ teachers.

We love it for taking a customer through sales proposal on the screen, and then emailing them that recording.

If you work remotely, sending a Loom screen recording allows your team to see exactly what you mean, and they can even rewatch it weeks later if they forget how to do something.

All this and the personal plan is free.