Other peoples’ spreadsheets.

People love their own spreadsheets.

This passion is born out of the author’s deep understanding of the logic they’ve painstakingly developed inside every cell.

But something happens when the spreadsheet is shared with others.  The author is exuberant:

“Isn’t this cool?”

“It’s so clear.”

But onlookers are confused. The unfamiliar jumble of numbers, colors and tables, is disorientating.

“Is ‘red’ a good outcome?”

“Why are we dividing cell A3 by cell T5?”

The audience simply doesn’t have their sea legs.

Other peoples’ spreadsheets make me feel downright dopey.

Please don’t email me your spreadsheet or present it on a large screen.

Spoon-feed me the results instead.

One thought on “Other peoples’ spreadsheets.

  1. Whenever anyone sends me a spreadsheet at work, my first impulse is to shout “STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING THAT’S HIDEOUS WHY ARE YOU DOING IT LIKE THAT IT’S SO BADLY LAID OUT IT’S PROBABLY ALL WRONG DON’T YOU KNOW HOW TO USE FORMULAS?!”

    What I end up saying, of course, is “That’s an interesting spreadsheet. Would you like me to re-do it for you?”

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